Guest Profile

Dawn Marie Stansfield

A compassionate Intuitive Coach, Dawn Marie Stansfield focuses on the self-empowerment of individuals by examining present day circumstances. She offers practical tools to help others overcome difficult situations and move forward on their life path. When asked what is an Intuitive Coach, her response is that she helps assist people to cultivate and listen to the silence voice within that gut feeling. Each and every person is born with unique Intuitive abilities.

On the show Dawn Marie will invite listener participation and host guests to explore life's challenges and find the joy of living each day as one filled with potential and possibility. "There are no boundaries in what I do," says Dawn Marie, who assists people with all aspects of their lives whether it's personal relationships, business, financial situations, or future dreams.

My Goal is to help in assisting you to accomplish yours

Dawn Marie's mode of communication is crystal clear. "People have the right to clear knowing," she says. "Messages from spirit can be delivered in plain language." Her compassionate but direct manner and skill in getting to the core of an issue helps clients quickly gain the clarity essential to tackling problems often lost in the morass of emotion. "I'm not afraid to use tough love and call it like it is.

Dawn Marie owned and operated Visions Gallery, an art gallery and healing arts facility in Bellevue, Washington for four years. Her work is sited in "Wings of Heaven" by Gary Harden and she has been featured in Daily Candy, and the Eastside Journal newspaper. She is frequently asked to speak at functions and private events, to find out where Dawn will be appearing please visit her web site: