Guest Profile

Dawn Reno Langley

Dawn Reno Langley is a writer, theater critic, editor, writing coach, and educator, who has devoted her life to social justice issues.

After her first article, published at the tender age of nine, questioned the likelihood of an attack on U.S. soil during the Cuban missile crisis, she found her voice.

Langley’s novels, such as The Silver Dolphin and The Mourning Parade, examine socially relevant topics like environmental issues. Her upcoming book, You Are Divine: A Search for the Goddess in All of Us (Llewellyn, 2022), discusses the role of female religious icons in contemporary life and how each woman embodies divine traits.

Langley has been published by two of the Big 5 New York publishers, has had several books published by independent traditional publishers, and has re-released some of those books on a nontraditional platform.

She holds an MFA from Vermont College, a PhD from the Union Institute and University, and is president of Rewired Creatives, Inc.