Guest Profile

Debbie D’Aquino

Debbie D’Aquino is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller Calm is the New Happy, How To Get There In 5 Minutes. She is the founder of “Green Tea Meditation Transformation” and the creator of a signature program for struggling entrepreneurs, designers, and creative types called, “Burst into Brilliance.” 

Debbie is a Transformational Coach whose work is helping hundreds of people shift their mindset from “not good enough” to confidently mastering their dreams.Prior to coaching, Debbie built a 25-year successful career as a Chief Designer in the fashion industry with an AA degree in Business Administration and Certification in Fashion Design. Prior to designing, Debbie served 4-5 years as a Certified Hatha Yoga and Meditation Instructor and a Certified Touch for Health Practitioner.

Today Debbie lives in a charming little town along the Pacific Ocean called San Pedro, California. As a transformational coach she helps people aspire to live high-levels of health, wealth, and joy. She is also involved in her local community as a dance instructor, a meditation leader, and a wellness counselor for Enagic Corp.