The Jenn Royster Show: Angel Insights: Leo New Moon Uranus Retrograde and Mars Pluto Align

Guest Profile

Debbie Goldberg

Author and therapist Debbie N. Goldberg was raised in a Jewish family on Long Island where most of her childhood and young adult life was laced with shame, guilt, abuse and rebellion. It was these turbulent years that set the course toward spirituality that she thrives in today.

Here is God's message to the world...
As an adult, Debbie became a therapist specializing in anxiety, depression and relationships. Through nearly two decades in a thriving career and ultimately private practice, Debbie sought a path to a deeper more meaningful life.
Through a spiritual collision of meditation and suffering, Debbie heard Jesus speak. What unfolded next was a daily dialogue with Source, much like the conversations she had read in Neale Anderson Walsh’s Conversations with God many years prior.
Vowing to do as God asked, she penned three volumes beginning with "Are You Ready to Listen? -God", direct messages from Source and her insights on how they play a part in our lives.
Debbie lives and writes in Islamorada, Florida where she teaches others the path to Spirit.


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