Guest Profile

Debbie Martin

Debbie has been self-employed for over 20 years. Her interest in health, healing and human potential inspired her to become a Massage Therapist and open a Wellness Center and Day Spa where she built a client base of over 2400. She rose to a top level of achievement as an Independent Consultant with a multi-million dollar health company. She took a leap faith when she met Curtis Ross and left her "comfortable" life to follow her heart and an inner "knowing" that Spirit was leading her to serve a greater purpose.

Debbie partnered with Chef Curtis Ross in 2008 and Co-Founded Alchemy7, LLC - Mindful Transformation through Food. The Alchemy7 concept combines Food, Mindfulness and 7 Eco-Lifestyle Realms Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Nutritional, Social, Environmental, and Financial for the purpose of creating an opportunity for conscious connection, insight, and transformation over dinner. In Spring 2008, Debbie and Chef Curtis moved to Bellevue, WA to develop the first Zenai Center and incorporate their Alchemy7 concept.