Guest Profile

Debbie Schroeder

Debbie is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Nursing from St. Louis University. During her 18 year nursing career, she has specialized in Cardiology and Endocrinology.

Debbie became increasingly frustrated with her inability to make a big impact in people's lives with chronic diseases. She was watching people in their 30s and 40s dying from heart attacks or being severely disabled from their heart conditions or diabetes. Most of the conditions she was seeing were preventable diseases.

As a pharmaceutical research nurse, she coached hundreds of patients on how to achieve their health and wellness goals. Many patients received tremendous benefit from this coaching, but so many of them already had permanent damage, the best we could hope for was to prevent further damage. Debbie really wanted to reach people earlier to prevent these debilitating diseases.

As a wife and mother of 5 children, a business woman and someone who has struggled with weight issues most of her life, she have tremendous empathy for busy professional women. She knows first hand the challenges of todays fast-paced lifestyle. Debbie has discovered a wealth of solutions to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle. It is her dream to teach others how to have their health and live a life of joy and peace.

As a Health Coach Debbie is able to live her passion; which is to empower and inspire women to live balanced healthy lives. Her greatest joy comes from supporting and encouraging clients to achieve their goals and celebrate their successes. She guides women through a journey of self-discovery and transformation to uncover the beautiful, healthy woman living within them.

Lynn Smith and Debbie Schroeder - Health Coach Team
Debbie and Lynn are passionate about helping professional women achieve balance between career, family, and their health. Together, their goal is to help empower and inspire people to live balanced, healthy lives. Their passion is to help you learn some simple strategies to live a happier, healthier, energetic life. They will help you sort through the confusion about diet and fitness so you can access your bodys natural state, which is optimal health and vitality. It is with this goal in mind that they were inspired to write, The YES Diet: A New System for Permanent Weight Loss.