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Deborah Diane

From fortune 500 executive to homeless in Hawaii, Deborah Diane had given up hope that she would ever be able to heal from severe brain damage and a life threatening degenerative condition. During the seven years she spent homeless, she discovered her innate power to heal every area of her life by changing her limiting beliefs, and clearing subconscious sabotaging patterns. After a dramatic recovery, she began sharing what she learned with clients while developing her gifts to quickly and easily identify subconscious beliefs and patterns in others. Several years later, she realized that the work she was doing was just as effective in groups and began facilitating group clearings both in person and over the phone. While working worldwide, Deborah has mastered the ability to instantaneously release blockages so that you, too, can overcome any obstacle in your life.

Intentional Living with Deborah Diane can be found weekly on Transformation Talk Radio each Monday at 3pm PST/6pm EST. Each week, a live call-in segment provides an opportunity for listeners to experience Conscious Repatterning live on the show, and receive benefit from Deborah's intuitive insight into subconscious patterns and beliefs that may be hindering. Deborah's quick wit and spot-on intuition make every show both powerful and fun. While describing her amazing journey of self discovery, from which she healed herself from severe brain damage as well as a degenerative condition she was born with, she shares techniques to assist you in accessing your own abilities to create your life with ease, abundance, and gratitude.


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