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Guest Profile

Deborah Greene

Deborah Greene - LiveaMoment Founder/CEO

Deborah has a long history of creating award-winning programs in diverse sectors, working with corporations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, educators and media of all kinds. She has managed Business Development in large corporate settings, creating and spearheading multi-million dollar initiatives and brand partnerships. Deborah most recently worked as the Interim National Director of the Peace Alliance, a DC based nonprofit dedicated to Peacebuilding education and advocacy, as well as consulting Global Strategy Director for International Connector, a worldwide Next-Gen think tank.

She is also a writer and educator and has been schooled in Mindfulness and Child & Adolescent Development, mediation, and is skilled in victim-offender dialogue through her work with The Foliage Project in the LA Detention Centers, for which she founded. With, Deborah is committed to finding the intersection between mindfulness, support for “good works” and the scaling of economy, all in serve of creating a viable platform to foster peace.


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