Guest Profile

Deborah Heneghan

Deborah Heneghan is an inspirational spiritual teacher, author, intuitive, Reiki certified healer and angel worker and she has been on her spiritual path for many years. She is also a professional business woman working as a Software Architect for over 19 years. Her passion and life mission is to help others turn their pain, from any experience in life, into a peaceful healing energy to live the most spiritually fulfilled life possible.

As the founder of Closer Than You Think, LLC, Deborah has enabled thousands of people to work through life's challenges through the teachings in teleseminars, workshops, personal coaching, as well as her first book Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side which has been published by Hampton Roads Publishing / Red Wheel Weiser. Her book is an easy guide to connecting with loved ones who have passed on and helping one to find peace from their loss. After losing her sister at the age of fifteen, she realized just how precious the gift of life-after-death is; that our deceased loved ones are simply a thought away. It is through the deep spiritual connection she has with her departed sister that she has come to understand and believe that spiritual connections are something we are all meant to have.

Deborah also empowers many through her 3-hour audio CD/DVD, Turn Your Pain Into Peace where she has identified 10 core fundamentals as key components to help one more easily conquer any challenging situation in life.

She has been a guest on The Balancing Act, which airs on Lifetime Television ranked number-one highest-rated women's channel in the US weekday mornings at 7AM. She has also had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by Arielle Ford, nation leading book publicist, author, marketing expert, on her TV show Meet the Experts with Arielle Ford, which has aired on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX.