Guest Profile

Deborah Stelfox

Deborah Stelfox is a numerologist, certified intuitive career coach, love/ relationship coach and owner of The Divine Matchmaker, a Transcendental Meditation teacher, ordained minister, master dowser, and currently working on certifications as a practitioner of Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code and Body Code.

Deborah jokes that her need to wear all these hats is the triple 5 in her numerology chart. Her services combine to create a “spiritual love guru” who believes there is a lid for every pot, and whether someone wants to find their beloved or already is in a relationship or marriage that we all need to have conscious and healthy relationships.

Deborah assists with the inner journey of emotional healing, increased relationship skill set, spiritual fullness, and love of self and career that is required. Her intent is to help her clients create and radiate a more powerful field of unconditional pure love and increased self- actualization for all to enjoy.