Guest Profile

Debra Greene

Debra has dedicated her life to studying and mastering energy work as a teacher, researcher, and practitioner. She started her energy health practice in 1993 and is the founder and developer of Inner Clarity IC, an integrative balancing method that uses energy kinesiology to pinpoint hidden core beliefs and a variety of energy based techniques to facilitate conscious transformation. A graduate of Ohio State University with a rigorous and rare dual Ph.D. in Communication and Somatic Studies, Debra is an energy adept, professionally trained facilitator, instructor, and writer. This unique combination positions her as a bridge-builder who takes complex information about the unseen world and translates it into understandable forms.

Debra taught workshops and trainings at Esalen Institute from 2001-2006. She has also been a frequently invited teacher in-residence who worked with the Esalen staff and the Esalen Directors Team. She taught full-time in the Graduate School for Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University where she developed a Masters degree program in Holistic Health Education. She taught courses such as Principles of Holistic Health, Paradigms of Consciousness, the Psychology and Physiology of Stress, and Social Transformation. She worked with author Fred Luskin, Ph.D., Forgive For Good as a founding member of the Academic Consortium for the Advancement of Holistic Health. As an energy kinesiologist, Debra trained directly with then President of the International Kinesiology College IKC, Grethe Fremming, and IKC faculty Rolf Havsboel, completing their eight level training program in record time. She went on to become the youngest Transformational Kinesiology TK Educator in the US. She has co-taught with Fremming and Havsboel and is also certi&64257;ed in their Inner Leadership IL and System Energy Evaluation SEE programs. In 2004, when LifeFest needed a presenter to speak on Energy Work alongside Phyllis Foromoto, the Lineage Bearer of Reiki, they invited Debra. She served as President of the Hawaii Wellness Tourism Association HWTA for two consecutive terms and worked in conjunction with the Hyatt Regency Maui and Maui Wellness Institute to develop their well- ness programs. She is on faculty at the University of Hawaii and the Maui Academy of Healing Arts.

Debra has co-presented with cell biologist and best selling author Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,The Biology of Belief and been an invited panelist on energy medicine topics. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops, trainings, and presentations over the years for organizations such as the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ISSSEEM, the American Institute of Stress AIS, the National Communication Association NCA, and the Energy Kinesiology Association EnKA. She contributes articles to Maui Vision magazine and conducts trainings and workshops in Hawaii and California.

Debra has a private practice on Maui, where she lives, and in the San Francisco Bay area, her second home.