Guest Profile

Debra Poneman

For over four decades, Debra Poneman, bestselling author, award-winning speaker, and founder of Yes to Success Seminars, has shared her system used by hundreds of thousands around the world to live not only success and abundance, but deep happiness and profound inner fulfillment.


Debra’s clients have used her formulas to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, renowned transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names.  Her corporate clients include Mattel Toys, the Xerox management group and International Trade Management among others. Debra has appeared in print throughout the country and on TV networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN.


Debra is on the board of directors of several non-profits including Aid Still Required with whom she does volunteer work helping the people of Haiti receive education, health care and vocational training even during these trying times for the country.