Guest Profile

DeDe Murcer-Moffett

DeDe Murcer Moffett, recording artist and inspirational speaker, combines her singing and speaking as she shares her story of transformation and hope after overcoming a 24 year alcohol addiction. DeDe knows firsthand how it feels to let fear and limiting beliefs imprison you but she also understands how to take the teachings of today and actually apply them to your life to make the transformations needed to live a life of passion and joy. All addictions are based in untruths and a disconnection of the true self states DeDe to heal your soul you must bring your passions back into your life and tap into that well of energy that lies beneath the illusions of the world

This past July DeDe moved past a lifelong limiting belief and released her first album self titled DeDe Murcer Moffett I Believe. In addition to her singing and Speaking DeDe coaches on redirecting your thoughts and beliefs that limit and dis-empower and host a popular online radio show called Snap out of It on the Snap Out of It Radio Network.

DeDe is the founder of the empowering womens group in Texas also called Snap Out of it which helps women regain and recognize their divine nature and self worth.