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Demian Lichtenstein

Demian Lichtenstein began his career as an off-Broadway child actor in NYC. By the age of 11 he was on his first movie set and quickly realized that he wanted to be a film director. Upon graduating as valedictorian from the prestigious High School of Art and Design, Demian accepted the Rubenstein Scholarship to NYU's Film School.
After winning many awardsincluding an MTV "Best Video awardhe began his career as a feature film director while engaging in transformational leadership training.

His pursuits in the world of entertainment were matched only by his desire and passion to learn everything he could about the human spirit. From Native American sweat lodges to leading seminars in front of thousands of people, Demian went through an expanded search to discover the true meaning of metaphysics and transformation.

After years in the trenches of Hollywood and propelled by a question posed by his sister, Shajen, Demian brought his two worldsfilmmaking and metaphysical studyinto DISCOVER THE GIFT: the movie, the book and the movement.
Lichtenstein is a member of the Director's Guild of America, The Writer's Guild of America and the Screen Actor's Guild. As a founding member of the Senior Leadership Council of the Directors Guild of America, along with Steven Spielberg and Taylor Hackford, Demian works closely with award-winning directors to protect the rights of filmmakers worldwide by having a direct influence on domestic and global politics in the entertainment world.

"Discover The Gift is my way of sharing that I am completely 100% going for my dream. I am sharing that dream with my family, with my friends and with the extraordinary teachers that I have met, and will meet, on this journey. I'm on my own journey; I'm learning something every day. I am transforming in ways I never thought would be possible." says Demian.

Discover The Gift
DISCOVER THE GIFTthe movie, the book, and the movement began more than four years ago in a moment of illumination. It has grown into a project with one goal: to help people find the power to transform our world.