Guest Profile

Dianne Juhl

Dianne Juhl offers practical tools and skills for women and men to gain financial language and literacy and make money management changes that last. Dianne is the founder/owner of The Feminine Face of Money whose mission is A woman in every home and in every workplace with financial well being.

Dianne is renowned for her intuitive ability to dig deep into the emotional aspects of money as well as the fears and mental blocks that keep so many women from attaining their financial dreams.

Dianne has decades of public speaking experience, over 25 years coaching experience, and nimbly applies her considerable depth psychological insight to the issues at hand. She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, Education and Coaching from Luther College and a Masters of Information Science from the University of Washington.

Dianne has also done post-graduate work in coaching corporate teams, design anthropology, women's & gender studies, and completed a womens integral leadership development certificate program at Antioch University.

Ultimately Dianne's life journey, successful business career, educational and athletic achievements, community work and service experiences afford her a discerning perspective about a wide range of women's lived experiences as it relates to both money and economics.

When not helping women make more money, master wealth, and affirm their worth, Dianne loves spending time with friends and family at her Bainbridge Island home, bicycling, hiking and kayaking in nature, serving her school district's Multicultural Advisory Committee, working with social justice causes, or contributing in other ways to her lovely island community and local living economy.