Guest Profile

Diya Welland

Since being introduced to Human Design in 2005, and throughout my years of training to become an Analyst, layers of awareness have made space for gratitude and compassion for how incredibly perfect we all are. I love guiding people using the Bodygraph as a navigational map to explore our diverse ways of connecting. Especially powerful is how this knowledge shifts us out of our mind and into presence with our gifts and uniqueness. 

From a young age I’ve been curious with how this ‘being human’ works, so we can live an authentic and satisfying life. My inquiry has been in how we connect, why some relationships are so challenging, how we each shape our reality and what drives us to make the choices we do. Human Design mechanics gave me a clear way to understand and have compassionate awareness for many of these topics.

Becoming a Living Your Design Guide and empowering others to live as their authentic self, has been a dream of mine for many years. I wish everyone the same depth of self-love and acceptance I’ve found within and that we may all, unlock and accept our often hidden, most unique & authentic selves.