Guest Profile

Don Goewey

Don Joseph Goewey's career in human potential spans more than three decades and includes collaborations with Carl Rogers, PhD, the founder of humanistic psychology, and Gerald Jampolsky, MD, founder of attitudinal healing. Goewey served as an executive at Stanford University Medical School and was executive director of the International Center for Attitudinal Healing, recognized worldwide for its approach to human crisis. His interest in the ability of the brain to overcome stress was sparked two decades ago when he experienced a series of personal crises. He lost his job, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and saw his marriage fall apart, all within 10 days. Then he experienced a defining moment that left him free from stress and the damage it was doing in his life. Over the years, Goewey has worked with war refugees, prisoners, patients with life-threatening illness, business leaders and others in high-stress occupations. In 2006, he co-founded ProAttitude, a human performance firm dedicated to ending stress in the workplace. His new book, Mystic Cool, combines the latest research in neuroscience and psychology with practical spiritual insights on how to reduce stress and unlock creative potential.

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