Guest Profile

Donna Kay Faulkner

Donna’s on-going mission is to alleviate the suffering of others by revealing the secrets and personal revelations of the 11:11 phenomenon that gives us the Holy Grail into human consciousness so we can attain our Divine Feminine 11:11 fulfillment. Donna Kay Faulkner is the 11:11 vibrational coding as an 11 Life Path and 11 Destiny number in numerology and her life is here at this time in Herstory to share with others the secret mysteries and path to true wholeness, peace and harmony… so we can become this Greater Humanity.

With a compassionate, soulful and intentional spirit, Donna is bringing forth a joyful and transcendent path of liberation for others to live out not only their unique personal purpose yet most importantly to be fulfilling the ultimate purpose of our Creator.

Donna is a 5-time Award Winning Inspirational Recording Artist and Speaker. She has performed along side Dove Award winning artists. Donna has been recognized in various mediums including television, print and radio, as guest, host and producer. She has received multiple accolades and awards including: Album of the year, “Finally Letting Go”, CIA Momentum Award, Nashville Best Artist, GMA Best Song, “We Are One”, WL Magazine.

A minimum of 10% of all monies to Donna Kay Faulkner are going to support The Women's Home in Houston, Texas that provides safe housing, food, clothing and other necessities to Women and Children in need.