Guest Profile

Donna Mitchell-Moniak

Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center’s Founder is Donna Mitchell-Moniak. She is an author, lecturer, teacher, and mother. Through the course of her spiritual and meditative practice, she developed The Practice of Living Awareness as both a meditative and a life practice. The key components of The Practice of Living Awareness served as a guiding force in the creation of Spirit Fire: a conscious connection to nature, the undeniable interconnectedness of all beings, and the lighted expansiveness of awareness.The phrase, “Change yourself, Change the world” has become a directive of Spirit Fire. In Donna’s words, "Once one is made aware, no matter what the source or the reason is for that new awareness, they cannot go back to ignorance. It is bold to live an aware life. Awareness is a powerful energetic call and one that Spirit Fire puts forward in every endeavor. The Path of Enlightenment is a path of change." Donna’s work, study, offerings, and writing span three decades. It is inclusive of the Native Tradition, the Trans-Himalayan codex of Alice Bailey, Raja and Agni Yogas, mystical Christianity, and Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. Donna lives, meditates, and teaches at Spirit Fire’s Retreat Center in Leyden, MA.