Guest Profile

Doug DeVito

Doug De Vito is the Head of Planning for The Reconnection and has the privilege and honor to help bring this work onto the planet along with Eric Pearl. With a very traditional educational background in Chemical Engineering BSChE and an MBA in Marketing, Doug thought he would be the last person to be a part of teaching and bringing this work forward. However, that was before this work found him.

Since joining the teaching team in 2002, Doug has been pivotal in helping to expand and shape The Reconnections mission. Along the way he discovered a deep passion for this healing work and finds himself in a continuous state of awe of the power and grace with which this healing unfolds in our lives. Doug established the first practitioner support programs and also created, teaches and leads both The Reconnection Teacher Development and the Practitioner Mentoring Programs. More recently, Doug began leading The Reconnections efforts to research this amazing new work with the collaboration of William A. Tiller, Gary Schwartz, Konstantin Korotkov and others.

Doug has also been one of the primary instructors, teaching hundreds of seminars with Eric over the past six years. Doug is the first person selected and trained by Eric to teach the Reconnective Healing Level I/II seminars and The Reconnection Level III seminars.