Guest Profile

Douglas Peacock

Greetings my name is Douglas Peacock and I am an ordinary soul with an extraordinary gift, or so they say.
Having been born and grown up on the land in the beautiful country of New Zealand, I now have made my home in Australia where I once ran my own Plumbing business.
My life took  a profound turn in 1996 when a life altering experience unfolded. While working alone on a building site, I suddenly collapsed, and in that very moment, a profound awakening occurred within me.
From that day forward, I discovered an innate capacity  to  perceive energy, to see the intricate dance of frequencies both within and around all living beings and objects on multiple dimensions simultaneously.
This transformative event ignited  an awe-inspiring spiritual journey that led me to many mentors spiritual teachers and Sharman. Through these encounters, my intuitive prowess blossomed as I delved into the realms of human development, Quantum Physics, and neuroscience, unlocking profound insights into the nature of existence.


As I've journeyed through life, I had the incredible privilege of sitting with the enlightened monks in Tibet and immersing myself in diverse teachings and modalities. Witnessing miracles became a common occurrence - be it the remarkable recovery of a 12-year old boy’s eye sight after a devastating accident, to working with individuals battling cancer and other terminal illnesses. I witnessed the incredible potential of the human spirit to heal and overcome adversity  
Beyond the realm of physical well-being I began working with elite athletes from various sports guiding  Olympic gold medalist and even collaborating with a seven time world champion surfer. Together we harnessed their inner power to unlock peak performance and untapped potential.
From athletes to the corporate world my skills have been used where I help entrepreneurs and  a multi - million dollar business steer their fortunes to unprecedented success, generating over $80 million in revenue.
Following the tragic events of 9-11, I found myself working with the U.S. undersecretary of state.
I am humbled and privileged to work with  people from all corners of the world and from every walk of life that seek my guidance. My mission remains steadfast - to empower individuals to unlock the powerful creator genius that lays dormant within them. Through my teachings I aim to unveil the profound potential that resides within, so they to discover the power to shape their destiny and live lives of their choosing.
Embracing the wisdom of my Mentors and teachers, I strive to help others recognise the beauty and potential that lies within their souls, guiding them towards a life filled with joy, purpose, abundance, and genuine fulfilment. Together we embark on a journey of transformation, awakening the mighty force of creation that resides within each and everyone of us. 
So dear friends, In the spirit of boundless potential and conscious evolution, I invite you to join me on an adventure of self discovery where we manifest our dreams and embrace the divine essence within us all. Together, we step into the ever-unfolding adventure of life, as we unleash the infinite possibilities that await us.