Guest Profile

Dr. Alicia Maher

Born in the Midwest, Dr. Maher completed college and medical school in only six years, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Medicine. In the midst of her schooling, Dr. Maher took a year to travel around the world, studying medicine in various cultures. She then came to Los Angeles where she completed a psychiatry residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and a fellowship in Mind-Body, or Psychosomatic Medicine, through UCLA. She then went on to become the Associate Director of the Psychiatric Consultation Service of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA.

Through over 15 years of studying, practicing and teaching in academic medicine, living yoga in yearly ashram retreats, and observing medical care during travel to more than 30 countries, Dr. Maher has developed a "Spiritual Neuroscience" that integrates alternative and western medicine, spirituality and neuroscience for innovation in current medical practice. For Dr. Maher, spirituality is defined as whatever helps someone to be a better version of themselves and incorporates all that an individual brings to their path, as they become who they desire to be. She views our mental and physical challenges as important steps in a persons unique journey. By using tools shes developed from the latest neuroscience research, she guides clients in understanding and utilizing their brains more effectively.

Known to 'meet patients where they are' Dr. Maher works with clients to discover their unique optimum mental wellness. She then offers a wide array of resources including medication, psychotherapy, alternative therapies, Eastern practices and other modalities, allowing the client to choose what feels right to them at that moment. For those facing medical issues, she is available to work closely with other practitioners in order to facilitate a team approach to care that recognizes the interplay between the mind and body.

Qualified to treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions, Dr. Maher has particular interest in treating individuals through their medical conditions, life transitions, weight management and Attention Deficit Disorder ADD and ADHD.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Maher has been active in teaching the next generation of doctors of USC and UCSF UCLA medical school and has trained Cedars-Sinai Psychiatry residents. She has lectured to thousands of professionals and individuals on a wide variety of mental health and wellness topics. She has written articles for medical journals including the Journal of American Medical Association JAMA, Medscape, Psychiatric Times, Journal of General Internal Medicine, The International Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and several others. She is also the author of the self-help guide for recognizing and treating ADHD in adults, entitled From Scattered To Centered; Understanding and Transforming the Distracted Brain.

In addition to her practice at the Akasha Center, Dr. Maher does healthcare research through the RAND Corporation. She lives with her husband in Southern California.