Guest Profile

Dr. Allan Hunter

Dr. Allan Hunter has spent his life exploring the intersection of literature, ancient wisdom, and the life of the mind. He is a full professor of Literature at Curry College, a counselor, and his doctoral degree in literature is from Oxford University. British by birth, he traveled extensively in Europe, India, Africa, and India before settling in Boston, Massachusetts.

His three books showing readers how to use writing as a therapeutic and life-enhancing tool are all based in workshops he has taught for over thirty years The Sanity Manual, Life Passages, and Write Your Memoir. In each case the emphasis is on using writing and story to reach a place a deeper understanding and peace. His other books have explored the way six specific archetypes recur in the 3000 years of the western worlds great literature; Stories We Need to Know, The Six Archetypes of Love, and Princes, Frogs and Ugly Sisters: The Grimm Brothers Healing Tales. He concludes that these archetypes are ways for us to contact the deep structures of the psyche.

His most recent book, his tenth, is The Path of Synchronicity, and it asks us to consider what it is the universe seems to need us to do, rather than what we think will make us famous or wealthy. As such times we move into the flow of synchronicity