Guest Profile

Dr. Arthur Bernard

Dr. Bernard is a pioneer in the field of dream work. Hes been a clinician, guest lecturer, seminar leader and media expert on the topic for twenty- five years. His lengthy clinical experience has provided a strong theoretical and practical foundation for discussing dreams in a lay format. Aside from his private practice in Calif., Dr. Bernard founded and ran the Dream Center for twenty years in The San Fernando Valley, Calif., where he taught people in both individual and group settings how to program dreams for problem solving to enrich their lives and how to quickly grasp the meaning of their dreams.

Dr. Bernard takes dreams from the mystical and incomprehensible realm and makes them practical and plausible. He is known for his ability to take the mystery out of dream work, has a delightful teaching style, keen sense of humor, and creates a supportive atmosphere where learning is playful as well as challenging.

His publications include: God Has No Edges, Dreams have No Boundaries

Websites: and

E book: Sleep, Dream and Grow Healthy Wealthy and Wise.

He also offers CDs that help program dreams for health, spiritual growth, financial abundance and general problem-solving.

Ph. D. Dissertation: Problem Solving Through Incubated Dreams and Their Interpretation through Group and Dyadic Approaches