Guest Profile

Dr. Asha Prasad

Dr. Asha is the creator of The Prasad Method (TM) and the author of Authentic Alignment and The Chrysalis Awakening.


For over 20 years, Dr. Asha has helped people from all over the world. She is a leading holistic physician and author of several books and coaching programs that take a groundbreaking approach to personal development and mindset that blends cutting edge modern research with the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophers and Indian healers.


Simply said, Dr. Asha understands the root causes of the modern struggle.


Achieving a deeper sense of purpose in career and life, increased health, less stress, and productivity are all possible with her unique approach to modern living that helps clients find their true selves.


She specializes in working with those looking to find their true calling, find fulfillment, bring about change in their personal and professional lives and those who are wanting to experience a  deeper sense of purpose and direction. As a bonus, her clients experience greater health, less stress, increased energy and productivity.