Guest Profile

Dr. Beebe Bahrami

Dr. Beebe Bahrami is an award-winning travel writer and anthropologist known for her travel narratives, memoirs, and guidebooks. Her most recent book, Moon Camino de Santiago (Avalon Travel/Hachette, 2019), firmly established her as an expert on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes in southern France and northern Spain. She has dedicated three decades to unearthing the mysteries, lore, and many-sensory experiences of this massive and ancient network of roads that are all destined for the northwest of Iberia. Bahrami is also known for her essays and articles on travel, archaeology, outdoors and adventure, food and wine, spiritual, and cross-cultural themes.

A Colorado native based in southern New Jersey, Bahrami extends her idea of home on regular, visits, semi-nomadic treks, explorations, and excavations in southwestern France and northern Spain, one of Europe’s most ancient, deeply traversed, wild, and culturally rich landscapes. Ever since she first stepped on to the Camino de Santiago in 1995, she knew she found her place in the world and has delved deeply into these ancient paths and places across France and Spain.

In addition to Moon Camino de Santiago, she is the author of several other travel books, including two travel memoirs, Café Oc—A Nomad’s Tales of Magic, Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2016), and Café Neandertal—Excavating Our Past in One of Europe’s Most Ancient Places (Counterpoint Press, 2017), and two narrative guides, The Spiritual Traveler Spain—A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes (Paulist Press, 2009), and Historic Walking Guides Madrid (DestinWorld Publishing, 2009). She also has been a writer for Michelin, including the Michelin Green Guide: Provence (2006).

Bahrami’s essays and articles have appeared in BBC Travel, Archaeology, Wine Enthusiast, The Bark, Bon Vivant, The Pennsylvania Gazette, National Geographic books, Expedition,, Transitions Abroad, and Perceptive Travel, among others. She is the author of travel content on Spain and France—particularly on the Camino de Santiago, Madrid, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Camino del Norte, and Aquitaine—on Bindu Trips, a travel itinerary website. She is also a journey experts with the Smithsonian Journey tours, “France and Spain’s Basque Region,” and “Across Northern Spain and Portugal,” and co-leads a sacred writing and art retreat at Flores del Camino, in Castrillo de los Polvazares on the Camino.

She maintains two blogs, Café Oc, on life in the Dordogne, and The Pilgrim’s Way Café, dedicated to exploring the world on foot and through its foods and traditions.