Guest Profile

Dr. Brie Gibbs

Dr. Brie is a Nationally & Internationally known Speaker, Teacher, Trans Medium and Healer Medium. She has created multiple companies to bring in her healing work and certifies other to do the same. Her deepest passion is Teaching, Healing, bringing greater Messages from the Ascended Masters, Lemurian Goddesses, and other Goddesses of the Light; as well as the Animal Kingdom and Elemental Kingdoms. Brie also works with and channels Elven Magi Lehie. The BEAUTY of Dr. Brie’s work is showing others the Ancient Ways, Knowledge and Wisdom that can be applied for the benefit of today’s world.

After several spiritual transformations, Dr. Brie has embraced her ascended master self and has enhanced her I AM PRESENCE. She is committed to her Life Path as a conduit for the healing energy of Mother Mary and Master Jesus and other Goddesses of the Light. Besides working with individuals, groups and radio shows, she travels to bring this loving energy to the people throughout the world with her Sacred Heart Events. Ultimately, she is in Service to the Creator Source/Spirit and Mother Goddess/Gaia, as her mission is divinely guided to bring LOVE & LOVE to the masses.

As a Fourth Generation High Priestess, Dr. Brie brings Ancient Knowledge to others, so they may learn from her ancestral lineage of the Goddess Light. She brings this information forward, with immense gratitude, for the benefit of increasing the vibration of the Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual. Dr. Brie assists others on their spiritual journeys as they embrace their true authentic & higher selves. As the Goddesses and Ascended Masters bring this information forward, it will be released to each person she serves, rippling through out the Universe. She is also a Planetary Worker, helping raise the spiritual vibration of the New Earth.

Dr. Brie is founder of Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing, and Goddess Light Crystal Healing. She and her partners are the owners of Alchemy of the Goddesses, a healing and teaching center and storefront in Auburn, WA.


Dr. Brie is a licensed broadcaster and holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism, master’s in theology, and a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences.