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Guest Profile

Dr. Brie Gibbs

As a young child of nine, Brie was aware of the Ancient Goddess. Over time she was trained in the Godess Light and the act of healing in the Divine Goddess Light. Brie has been sharing this special healing with others for several years. Her favorite part of her journey is sharing knowledge of the Goddesses and healing techniques. As a child Brie remembered one of her past lives and she has lived in the Goddess Light from that knowledge. When she became much older other aspects of her past lives came to her which she accepted with honor. She has gone through the dark night of the soul, her shadow side is healed, and she is strong in her Goddess light. All the Goddesses have been through their own dark night of the soul. This Ancient Goddesses Group came together to help guide and assist others in their own transformations and support them with Light as they heal their shadow side and reawaken their gifts.


Brie is a natural-born Pineal Gland Activator, which is connected to the spiritual blueprint when you arrive on planet. We all come in activated, although sometimes our pineal gland needs to be reactivated due to many different issues. This is the time when an aspect(s) may come through. Brie will help weave the aspect in with honor and Love and Light from the Creator/Source and Mother Goddess/Gaia. Brie is very passionate about her planetary work; she has Released in Ceremony the Matrix Hooks that were placed at the ending times of Lemuria with Love.


The Goddesses were placed in many different areas to hold the spiritual vibration of Love. Brie also released Deities that hold and help the energy for humanity. It is our time to do the job now. We are here to help and instruct others. As a fourth-generation High Priestess, Brie is assisting others in Goddess Groups to work as a council. All of her healing ways are of an ancient technique of which only she teaches. In the last 12 years it has been open for others to learn this healing technique.


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe M.D.