Guest Profile

Dr. Carmen Harra

Dr. Carmen Harra is a world renowned intuitive psychologist, relationship counselor, and best-selling author of 6 books including Everyday Karma and Wholeliness. She uniquely couples her uncanny intuitive gifts with her vast knowledge of cognitive psychology to help each client break free from negative cycles, decode his or her divine destiny, and strategize a meaningful life and brilliant future.

Such credentials classify her as one of the most in-demand therapists and intuitive counselors of modern times, having been sought by many respected politicians and members of Hollywood's elite.

National shows such as The View and Good Morning America have invited Dr. Harra as a guest and magazines like the New York Times, Vogue, and US Weekly have hailed her life work. Dr. Harra also hosts her own weekly show on Hay House radio, We Are One, in which she shares her abundance of knowledge and wisdom to enrich her listener's lives.