Guest Profile

Dr. Carol McCall

Dr. Carol McCall has reached millions of people through her coaching and consulting practices, her book, workshops, speaking engagements and media appearances. She has dedicated her professional and personal life to the development, training and coaching of individuals and organizations in the area of personal/professional growth and communication. She is a powerful thought leader with five decades of experience as an educator, "edutainer," therapist, business executive, consultant and successful entrepreneur. Her international work has included Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Israel, Jamaica, Scotland, Singapore,Thailand.

She is the founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication, IGLC. Since 1988, she's one of the early pioneers in the field of coaching and listening/communication training. She is the creator of The Listening Coursesm, The Possibility of Woman CoursePOWSM and the Life Development Coach in Communication LDCCSM program. She is the co-creator of a pilot TV series, based on The Possibility of Woman course.

Dr. McCall is gifted with an exceptional ability to listen to people. She listens to their innermost thoughts and desires and relates to their challenges and triumphs. She is adept at co-creating a non-threatening environment, free from judgment, in which individuals feel safe and respected sharing their personal vulnerabilities. She uses her uncanny listening skills and 'laser' coaching method to quickly assist her clients, teams and colleagues to focus on what is really important in their lives consistent with their life purpose, which can lead to a "life of no regrets." Her clients literally learn to alter their listening from negative internal dialogue to 'focused listening' and taking action to achieve their goals, live by their own high ideals and priorities in their lives.

Dr. McCall identifies and customizes individuals' listening styles which allows them to get through challenging communications. Her work increases one's ability to confront and resolve past communication issues. She provides a structure for integrating personal and professional responsibilities. Clients are able to develop the skill to "masterfully" listen to any communication, any time under any circumstance. Clients also discover the "words-to-avoid" that cause conflict and proceed to delineating and developing their own unique "masterful listening" style.

A graduate of Northwestern University, she holds a Masters Degree in education from San Jose State University, a Master Certified Coach M.C.C. designation from the International Coach Federation. She has completed her PhD in Social Psychology.

Dr. McCall is ardently pursuing her vision of 200 million masterful listeners by the year 2020 so that emerging generations are not destined to repeat social patterns leading to famine, war, poverty, child abuse, racism and human degradation.

She is the proudest of grandmothers, and shares a business partnership with her two adult children. She passionately honors her values by living in the beautiful, dynamic San Francisco Bay area,in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

Her book, Listen There's A World Waiting To Be Heard, has been adapted from The Empowerment of Listening audio tape series, now in MP3 format.