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Guest Profile

Dr. Chris Winsey

Dr. Christina Winsey received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 1990 from New York Chiropractic College and is currently a Board Eligible Diplomate, American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders. She co-owns Wellformance, Inc. with Jill A. Greber - a corporate wellness coaching company, and both business partners are certified health coaches. Dr. Winsey also does private addiction recovery coaching, assisting clients through her extensive background in mind-body & energy medicine.

She calls herself The "I Can" Doctor because she says if she can stay in recovery from a compulsive addiction, then anyone can Profoundly intuitive, Dr. Chris uses a whole-person holistic approach, and her clients make measurable leaps in better health, reduced stress, personal and professional effectiveness and greater life satisfaction.

She is a mother of two boys,ages 14 & 10, and lives in sunny Sarasota, FL, USA.


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