Guest Profile

Dr. Cindy Schreiber

Dr. Cindy Schreiber received her Psychology, and Master's Degree in Counseling at CSUF. She got her PhD in Hypnotherapy at Kona University in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Cindy's life was affected by Domestic Violence. She spent her adult life studying psychology to mostly help single parents, as she was a single parent herself. She worked at Domestic Violence Treatment Center, as a Board Certified Counselor.

The clients did not want to take the classes, often times, after working all day. Dr. Cindy needed to help encourage them to participate. Dr. Cindy found that hypnotherapy worked great for her court mandated counseling clients. She asked the client's to meditate with her, and taught them deep breathing, and visualization. This helped her to start the class off in a more receptive manner. Her supervisor called her the breathing therapist. Her usually quiet male clients became the most talkative, in groups, and everyone needed and wanted to process. We were alive in those classes and I still recall coming home, on top of the world, because it was so empowering for me, as well.

She had lead groups before, yet never had clients changed at the deepest levels so quickly. She found that hypnotherapy works fast, and helps the client learn the new material, at the deepest level. Dr. Cindy loved the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

Dr. Cindy took her clinical training at Positive Changes weight loss clinic. She learned how easily weight loss is with hypnosis. She works in Roseville, California at her private practice as a Medical Hypnotherapist. Dr. Cindy was a cosmetologist for 18 years, as she took night course work. She also gives microdermabrasion treatments for aging skins natural facelift and energy massage. She combines the hypnosis with the spa treatments for the ultimate relaxation experience. Her clients leave completely relaxed inside and out. Where else can you go for a facial, and get trance work for weight loss, smoking or to lose a habit at the same time.

Dr. Cindy is a speaker, writer, volunteer and healer. She also teaches art therapy, and is leading an exclusive weight loss paradise retreat this JULY 19th at the beautiful 5 star Anamaya Yoga Resort in Costa Rica. She loves this environment for deep releasing work, and to get people healthy again. She is passionate about nutrition and has products which she knows can help people lower antidepressants, blood sugar, blood pressure, and make the bodies system work better. This profession is a life calling, and she is passionate about sharing with the world that they can easily lose weight, lower drug treatments, reduce stress and improve their skins health with Microdermabrasion. Her motto is, 'take a little off the waist and lift the face because you can.'