Guest Profile

Dr. David Eigen

Dr. David Eigen, author of the award winning book, Men The Gods of Love. Dr. Eigen has written and discussed why powerful men cheat and lie and the reasons why their wives stand by them. He has appeared on CNN.

After years of research, his own personal searching, education, and interactions with others, he realized that the bottom-line, our 'pursuit of happiness,' was sabotaged by our own inner battles. Importantly, he further realized these inner battles were taught us Meaning that there is nothing inherently wrong with us, our problems are NOT inner defects. This training was established and propagated by the patriarchal belief system we all are taught.

The patriarchy teaches us to reject parts of ourselves; of course, these parts are specific to ones gender. Being unaware that we have been programmed as such, and seeing no other options, we go about searching for others that represent the rejected parts, trying to somehow reconnect with these parts. At the same time we blame others who represent what we lack for our feelings of emptiness. Most of us are trapped in this struggle.

His purpose is to change the paradigm by which we all play-out our lives. He is doing this through my speaking engagements, books, and media appearances, which assist others to become aware of and break free from these traps created by the patriarchal paradigm.

Dr.Eigen has a PHD. in Transpersonal Psychology, from Delphi University, McCaysville, GA. He is a Clinical Doctor of Ro-HunT clinically certified in all levels of Ro-HunT, by The Ro-Hun Institute of Delphi University, McCaysville, GA, as well as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, 420 hours advanced hypnotherapy training clinically certified by The Wellness Institute, Seattle, WA. He is also a Certified Breath Release Therapist Wellness Institute/Carol Lampman and a Past Life Regression Therapist Wellness & Delphi also member Ro-HunT Therapist Association.