Guest Profile

Dr. Deanna Davis

Deanna Davis is the author of three books: The Law of Attraction in Action, the bestselling Living With Intention, and the forthcoming Manifest This. She thinks the best route to success, satisfaction, and self-care is through a serious commitment to your sense of humor. Known for her characteristic blend of humor and how-to, Deanna merges powerful research with practical strategies for transforming your life.

Davis launched Womanhood: The Divine Comedy in an effort to bring women together in innovative ways to enhance their health and happiness, and to impact other women and their communities in positive ways. Through 15 years as a professional speaker, she has learned that laughter is perhaps the most powerful common denominator that connects people and creates insight. And it certainly is an entertaining way to do so

Deanna earned her Ph.D. in Leadership from Gonzaga University and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Washington. She is an admitted laughaholic and a strong proponent of adding chocolate as a key component of the USDA Food Pyramid.