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Guest Profile

Dr. Deborah Milton

Deborah Milton, embodies what she teaches aliveness, authenticity, love and devotion to following her creative juice. For the last twenty years, Ecstatic Wisdom Postures have been a compass on her journey, a feast for her soul and a companion for her spirit.

Deborah Milton raised four children in Philadelphia in the 1970's, moved to Missoula, Montana in 1980, received her PhD in Human Development from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania in 1982 and worked in Missoula, MT, for the decade of the '80's as a psychotherapist. Though relevant, these facts don't reveal the extent of Deborah's risk-taking nature, the depth of her authenticity nor her devotion to manifesting her dreams.

She left her private practice to honor her own advice to clients, "Follow your heart, your bellys wisdom, no matter how difficult that may be." In 1992, she spent two months in solitude to redefine her passion and purpose and emerged knowing she was an artist both in living and watercolor painting. During this time of reflection and introspection, Deborah prayed for spiritual community and a sense of how she could serve the greater good. Ecstatic Wisdom Postures found her soon afterward. Not only do they inspire her artwork, expand her consciousness and her way of being in the world, but they also have provided community...a remarkable fluid community built on trust and the intimacy shared of traveling together in alternate reality. She was certified to teach Postures in 1996.