Guest Profile

Dr. Debra Lindh

Lindh is the developer of Practical Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (PMBSR) from her award-winning and applied doctoral research. She continues to innovate effective, practical tools to use real-time in reducing the stress response. Recognized by PsychCentral 21 “Best to Follow on Twitter” as a Stress Management and Practical Mindfulness expert, Dr. Lindh shares her personal story of post-traumatic growth and created Mindful Effect, LLC as an educational training resource dedicated to helping the overall growth and wellbeing of others. Serving and inspiring thousands across the globe, Dr. Lindh provides workshops, courses, and seminars educating and training individuals from children to adults, groups and organizations; while spanning industry sectors of for-profit and non-profit organizations around the globe. 


You can learn more about Dr. Lindh on her website at