Guest Profile

Dr. Donna Lindsay

Dr. Donna Lindsay, international motivational speaker, author, certified professional coach, founder, and CEO of Donna Lindsay Coaching & Consulting, LLC., is nationally and internationally known as the Self-Love Strategist. For the last 15 years, she has facilitated individual and group empowerment sessions using principles of love to enhance performance in all areas of her participant's lives. Dr. Donna Lindsay is a leader in self-love activation and believes self-love is an ongoing process of growth and development.


Dr. Lindsay is the creator of the Love Me First Masterclass, which assists individuals in identifying barriers to their self-love journey, releasing toxic people, thoughts, and situations, and learning how to love themselves unconditionally and unapologetically. Her iconic Leading in Love: Heart Driven Leadership Workshop creates a safe space for leaders and their teams to acknowledge thoughts and recognize actions that hinder organizational growth. By igniting self-awareness, teams can overcome challenges by engaging in transformative conversations that ultimately lead to positive, productive, and loving environments. Dr. Lindsay has authored four books, including Self-Love: A Journey Not a Destination and her recent release Leading in Love. She holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in pastoral psychology from Maranatha Christian University.


Dr. Donna Lindsay enjoys traveling, training, serving in her community, and most importantly spending time with her family, as she throughly enjoys being a wife, mother, and grandmother.