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Guest Profile

Dr. Elizabeth Locey

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., is in the business of making other businesses soar.
Four years ago today she was an award-winning professor, department chair, respected scholar and in the 3 position in her international professional organization. But a few months prior to that, she encountered the Akashic Records. Things started to shift for her, and within 2 years she had left the academic world entirely.

Now, after 2 years in business, she has a thriving international practice as a spiritual business coach and Akashic Records channel, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders on a mission to make the world a better place. As a clear channel, she helps them to connect with their purpose, ideal clients, have more fun, earn more income, and get the tools they need from their Divine Selves to propel their businesses forward on a quantum level.

A lifelong teacher, Dr. Locey periodically teaches clients to become Intuitive Entrepreneurs themselves. She invites you to join her Indigo Light community at


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