Guest Profile

Dr. Elizabeth Locey

Elizabeth Locey, Oracle + Ph.D. is an author, teacher, wayshower, crystal adept, trained priestess, and Akashic Records channel. She left a successful career as a tenured professor of French + Women’s Studies in 2010 to do the more important work of holding the portal open for the shift in planetary consciousness.  A new Feminine leadership is called for in the world today, and Elizabeth is thrilled to be a midwife in this movement.

Elizabeth helps clients to see who they--and their businesses--truly are at the divine essence level, and then to bring that into breathtaking material form. 
At her core, Elizabeth stands for truth, freedom, justice, equality, and an end to oppression of all kinds. In a word: LOVE. A complete list of her best-selling books is available at her Amazon author’s portal.