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Guest Profile

Dr. Emil DeToffol

A native of New York State, Emil DeToffol earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chemistry from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1979 and Doctorate of Dental Surgery from SUNY at Buffalo in 1983.

After retiring from the practice of dentistry, and volunteering at the Option Institute in Sheffield MA a resource for families with Autism, Dr. DeToffol created Less EMF Inc. in 1996 as way to apply his engineering and health science background to help the growing population of individuals concerned about the adverse effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Less EMF Inc. now offers over 300 EMF safety products from around the world including meters, shielding, and books on the topic. "In the last generation, man-made electromagnetic field pollution of our environment has escalated to the point where effects on our delicate biological systems are a certainty. This has been well documented in the scientific literature, but not well publicized," says Dr. DeToffol. "Under some circumstances, a subset of the population can actually become sensitized to EMF exposure. Neurological symptoms, difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, and skin rashes are the most common effects we hear about. For these individuals, living and working in a typical electromagnetically polluted space becomes difficult or impossible. There is almost no where left to hide."

Media appearances have included radio Shadowlands with Art Bell, television John Stossel special on 20/20, and print Investor's Business Daily.

Dr. DeToffol currently lives in Albany NY with his wife and daughter. He enjoys woodworking, sailing, and traveling in his spare time.