Guest Profile

Dr. Emilio Viano Ph.D.

Dr. Emilio Viano is the President of the International Society for Criminology, voting member of Law, Justice, and Development Forum for the World Bank, president of the Bellagio Forum for World Security and Social Development, and Law Professor at American University. Viano is a pioneer in the field of victimology, victims rights, and an expert in the field of transnational crime. Viano is recognized internationally for his contributions to justice and human rights. He has authored countless articles and books, the most recently on transnational crime, and is also widely published in law and behavior science journals.


Viano is an authority on legislative crime reform, international crime prevention, drug trafficking, political and financial corruption, and criminal law trends in Europe and Latin America. He is the author of several books, including Transnational Organized Crime: Myth, Power, and Profitand countless articles. 


Viano is fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian,