Guest Profile

Dr. Gil Kajiki

Dr Gil Kajiki is the founder of the Valley ThyroidInstitute. He graduated from the Pasadena College of Chiropractic and has beena chiropractor for 30 years. The main focus of his practice is thyroid and AutoImmune conditions.  

Throughworking with his patients he developed the Kajiki Protocol for determiningthyroid and autoimmune issues with a particular concentration on Hashimoto'sThyroiditis.  He offers his patients answers and protocols to improvethyroid function and overall health.

With hisroots in chiropractic-biophysics, Dr. Kajiki was busy helping patients in theSan Fernando Valley in Southern California with their spinal structuralcorrective care when his wife became ill with what at first appeared to beEpstein Barr.

As he watchedhis wife’s health deteriorate under the care of several doctors, Dr. Kajikibegan a relentless search for answers to why his healthy wife could become soill and yet no one seemed to know how to care for her. After more than twoyears of tests, medication, B12 shots, and finally hospitalization, it was herhusband and not her medical provider who came to her rescue.

Aftercountless hours of study, consultation with colleagues, and testing, Dr. Kajikidiagnosed his wife with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition thatattacks the thyroid. He spent the next several months treating her autoimmunecondition through natural supplements, lifestyle modifications, anddietary changes. She is now symptom free and doesn’t take any thyroidmedication.

Dr. Kajikicouldn’t stand to think that perhaps somebody else was having to go through theprolonged struggle with this condition as he and his wife had. Because of thisexperience, he dedicated his practice to helping Hashimoto’s and low thyroidpatients overcome their symptoms naturally.

Dr. Kajikistill works from his office in Tarzana, California, however his patients arefrom countries and cities all across the globe—many as far away as Canada, Romania,London and New Zealand. He is available to his patients in person, via skype orphone. Dr. Kajiki also has more than 100 video testimonials of successful outcomes from happypatients that implemented his Low Thyroid Protocol and are thrilled to tell theworld of their success.


Dr. Kajikihas been interviewed several times on Lisa Garr’s “The AwareShow”, heard on KPFK. Garr (also a Hashimoto’s patient), collaborated with Dr. Kajiki on aneducational 5 DVD series of self-help for patients with chronic thyroidproblems called “The Thyroid Mystery Solved”.