Guest Profile

Dr. Harold Urschel


Founder and CEO of the Urschel Recovery Science Institute, Chief of Medical Strategy for EnterHealth Global LLC., & New York Times Best Selling Author

Dr. Urschel is the founder & CEO of the Urschel Recovery Science Institute, Dallas/Ft Worths only outpatient addiction treatment center. He is also Chief Medical Strategist of Enter Health, an addiction disease management company based in Dallas. The primary goal of both the Recovery Science Institute and EnterHealth is to combine the best behavioral treatment methods with the latest medications to maximize a patients chances of a successful recovery from the life threatening and chronic medical disease of addiction.

Since 1998, Dr. Urschel has been implementing the Recovery Science program at two area hospitals and one world class addiction treatment residential facility, Enterhealths Life Recovery Center in North Texas. Because of Dr. Urschels success in bringing the latest scientific breakthroughs in addiction treatment research into his clinical treatment programs, his methods have been utilized as THE clinical addiction treatment program for the UT Southwestern Medical School, Department of Psychiatry.

Most recently, Dr. Urschel was featured on the Dr. Phil show, discussing his new book Healing the Addicted Brain and providing expert recovery advice for guests on the show. In 2007, Dr. Urschel also participated in a TV tour with celebrity race car driver and recovering alcoholic Al Unser Jr., talking about the issues that were facing Al, as well as the steps he was taking down the path to recovery. Interviews ran on NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS morning shows across the country. He has also written articles for, and been featured in, psychiatric trade publications like Treatment, Workplace and Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly.

Dr. Urschel did his undergrad work at Princeton University and studied at both U.T. Southwestern Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania for graduate and medical training. He is currently certified in both addiction and general psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Healing the Addicted Brain became a New York Times Bestseller in June, becoming one of the only addiction books to ever crack the Advice list.