Guest Profile

Dr. James Wanless

James Wanless, Ph.D. was a distinguished university professor in the Middle East when he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to a spiritual transformation. He relinquished his academic career and began to share his new found wisdom and inspiration.
James is a futurist and pioneer of new thinking and recognized for weaving timeless wisdom into modern life with intuitive tools and symbolic systems. With his magical blend of personal charisma, humor and pragmatic enthusiasm, he is thought of as a "corporate shaman" and an internationally known authority on intuition.

He lectures, trains and consults throughout the world. He is the noted creator of the best-selling modern classic, Voyager Tarot 250,000 sold to date and also the author of Way of the Great Oracle, Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century, New Age Tarot, and Wheel of Tarot.

James Wanless has often been called "Mr. Tarot" or the "Tarot Revolutionary" because of his enormous contribution to the field of tarot. James is a master tarot reader with over 30 years experience. Dr. Wanless, educator, has created online courses in Tarot Way of the Seeker a personal growth path and Way of the Seer reader's certification. He has also developed a groundbreaking technique for using the tarot as a proactive tool for Fortune Creation and Life Coaching.

His latest book, IntuitionWork, and his work with organizations, corporations and individuals regarding the "Intuitive Imperative" can be found on his websites:

his IntuitionWork Audiobook

his Podcast series on iTunes entitled "Intuition Into Action."

Dr. Wanless has also created a forthcoming new deck called Sustainability Cards for using nature as a model and set of inspiring principles for personal sustainability and success. A natural Green Man, he is the author of the classic, Little Stone: Your Friend for Life.