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Dr. Janice Fletcher

Dr. Janice Fletcher

Dr. Janice Fletcher is an international speaker, trainer, and coach for educators and community leaders. She has worked as an administrator, principal coach, and leadership consultant to school systems and businesses from the U. S. to India and the Caribbean. Dr. Fletcher received the National Distinguished Principal award from the State of Georgia in 1996, and has written for a variety of publications.

A student of spirituality and philosophy for over 40 years, Dr. Fletcher has also been a speaker and author of published articles on numerous spiritual topics. Through her own optimal wisdom learning, she has created a unique blend of relevant spiritual and philosophical experiences with the wisdom of her vast professional career.

Wisdom from the Inner Teacher is a tapestry of her knowledge and experience, and the catalytic vehicle to train, coach and engage learners from all walks of life. It is this personal and professional integration of her optimal learning moments which allows her to realize her mission to change the worldone OWL Moment at a time.