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Dr. Jeanne Achterberg

Dr. Jeanne Achterberg

Dr. Achterberg is a scientist who has received international recognition for her pioneering research in medicine and psychology. A faculty member for 11 years at Southwestern Medical School, she is currently a Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Institute, San Francisco. She also co-chaired the mind/body interventions ad hoc advisory panel and the Research Technologies Conference of the Office of Alternative Medicine, and was a member of the Advisory Board, Unconventional Cancer Treatments Study Group, Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress. She is a research consultant and advisor to foundations. She also provides training in the use of mind/body therapies for health care professionals in Europe, Japan, Argentina, and to refugees in Kosova and Macedonia.

Dr. Achterberg has authored over 100 papers and five books. Imagery in Healing is critically acclaimed as a classic in the field of mind/body studies, and Woman as Healer is described as a ground breaking work, surveying the activities of women from prehistoric times to the present. Her book, Rituals of Healing is a primer on the use of creative therapies for health and medicine, and won the Book of the Year Award from the American Nursing Association. Her most recent book, Lightning at the Gate, is the story of her personal healing journey with cancer.

Dr. Acherberg's awards include Healer of the Year, given by the Nurse Healers' Cooperative, the Gardner Murphy Scholar Award, and the Moncrieff Award for Burn Research. In April of 2001, she was featured in Time Magazine as one of the six innovators of alternative and complementary medicine for the coming century.

Dr. Achterberg is past president of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, She was Senior Editor for Alternative Therapies, a peer-reviewed medical journal with an international circulation. For five an a half years, Jeanne was Director of Research with North Hawaii Community Hospital, with the responsibility to study prayer and healing. Jeanne has developed an innovative Cancer AfterCare Program now being implemented in partnership with KoKoLuLus Cancer AfterCare Retreat Center on the Healing Island of Hawaii.