Guest Profile

Dr. Jeffery Greenfield

Dr. Jeff Greenfield, D.O. is the newest staff physician at Gordon Medical Center in Santa Rosa, CA; an internationally known Center for Unraveling Complex Chronic Illness. Dr. Greenfield brings the ability to integrate his osteopathic skills in the evaluation, treatment, and assessment of these complex chronic problems. He developed his expertise in integrating functional medicine, nutritional medicine, and conventional medicine with osteopathic hands on treatment over his 30 years of practice. His practice experience includes learning in a Family Medicine Residency with the US Air Force, practicing Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine, and for the last 20 years, working in his integrative osteopathic practice in New Hampshire, one of the most endemic and epidemic Lyme Disease regions in the US.

He has superior skills in an Osteopathic manipulative medicine style known as Cranial Osteopathy and has taught this nationally and internationally. This modality alone is able to speed up recovery from many illnesses and conditions. His experience in one of the 'hot zones' for Lyme Disease led him to develop a unique ability to perceive qualities his patient's tissues that help evaluate the positive and negative effects of a particular treatment, and to help define which layer of a condition may need to be treated first. He not only works with his own patients, but he consults with patients from other health practitioners. Using his osteopathic skills, people can feel better, recover faster, and Dr. Greenfield can assess the effectiveness of the approach by using his hands.