Guest Profile

Dr. Jenn Hatfield

Dr Jenn Phoenix Hatfield is not your typical Doctor of Chiropractic. 15 years ago Dr Jenn

thought she finally found her purpose as a Chiropractor only to have it expand beyond borders

and limitations allowing her to fully embrace her beliefs and experience that “Your Capacity to

Heal is Unlimited.” So in 2019 she closed her brick and mortar practice and has since been

working with people virtually around the country and the world.

She is a mentor and guide who utilizes a system she developed that incorporates her abilities

as a psychic and medium to support and enhance her clients’ tremendous capacity to heal with

courage, confidence and authenticity.

Her clients describe her as loving, responsive and brave as well as intuitive with a knack to

“dive underneath what you think the issue is and nail what is really going on” while offering

practical and unique tools for daily use and sustainability. With the ultimate takeaway for clients

developing “ the ability to handle whatever life throws at me, and not only handle it but to be

proactive instead of reactive and to move through it...creating a path of ease that seems


When Dr Jenn is not working with her clients she is spending quality time road tripping with her

wife, hiking and hugging trees in the mountains of WNC with her dog Ziggy, mixed media

painting, reading books and laughing at the antics of their cat Frankie.