Guest Profile

Dr. Jo Anne White

Dr. Jo Anne White has been living her dream for over twenty years by helping millions of men, women and families reach their own dreams and overcome personal and professional challenges. Doc White is an international author, speaker and certified life, business and success coach who has been named the Success Doc by global audiences. Shes appeared as a frequent guest on radio and television networks such as NBC and CN8 and World Talk Radio. Dr. White has also been featured on the Internet and in local, national and international publications including Good Housekeeping Web MD,, Womans World and Womens Day.

Jo Anne White, PhD has a diverse background in both traditional and alternative therapies. In her twenties, a dancing accident led her on the path to find a whole person approach to wellness and healing. She began studying nontraditional healing approaches with the initial goal of healing herself. This goal expanded into her life purpose and true destiny to help and educate others to experience more joy, health, wellbeing and success.

In addition to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, Alexander Technique Teacher and certified hypnotherapist, Doc White earned both her Masters in Education and Doctoral Degree from Temple University. She taught at Temple University's Dept of Education for over two decades. As a corporate trainer and coach, Doc White has successfully helped businesses and organizations increase passion, cooperation, motivation and productivity. "Businesses that function at their best are a direct result of employees who achieve at their own highest level," says Jo Anne White.

As a published author, Dr Jo Annes books, CDs and seminars are designed to help people reach new heights of awareness, empowerment and transformation. Ive been living and teaching others about the Law of Attraction for over twenty years and its still a powerful tool, says Doc White. Among her self help books Sense Your Way to Life Satisfaction, How to Love: Secrets to Lasting Relationships, Emotional Wellness Volume II & III and The Baby Boomers Handbook for Women, three additional books will be released in 2009. They are: Learning to Love Yourself: Self-Esteem for Women, A Journey Within: Self Discovery for Women and The Womans Handbook for Self Confidence.