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Guest Profile

Dr. John Friel

John C. Friel, Ph.D. is a dynamic, stimulating, internationally recognized speaker as well as a skilled clinician who blends solid theory and practice along with humor and clear organization so that seminar participants are able to grasp, comprehend, retain, and apply complex material in a relatively brief period of time. He is a psychologist in private practice in Reno, Nevada and St. Paul, Minnesota, has sold over 500,000 books co-authored with his wife, Linda, and is the national director of the ClearLife/Lifeworks Clinic Program.

Since 1980, John has consulted, trained, conducted seminars, and presented engaging keynote addresses for business and industry, hospitals, mental health clinics, government agencies, lawyers, doctors, and many, many more. Both John and his wife, Linda D. Olund Friel, M.A., have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC News 20/20, in USA Today, Parents, and Cosmopolitan.


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