Guest Profile

Dr. Joseph Skelly

Dr. Joseph Skelly has an impressive resume of professional and personal accomplishments. They include: officer in the Army Reserve, Iraq war veteran, published author of many books and scholarly articles, expert on international terrorism, and treasurer of the Washington, D.C. based Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa though none are as noteworthy to him as his title of Professor at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

"I earned my M.A. as well as my Ph.D. in Ireland, and studied in Northern Ireland, so my interest in terrorism and international affairs began there. Since then, my intellectual pursuits have evolved. As an educator, my areas of focus are International Terrorism and Counterterrorism, the Middle East, International Affairs, Contemporary Europe, and Modern Ireland. My personal and military experiences have helped to inform my teaching and to import a realistic perspective into the classroom."

Dr. Skelly is also the internship coordinator for the History Department, a responsibility he takes very seriously.

"I've arranged internships at an array of professional organizations. Our students have worked in the offices of U.S. Congressmen and State Senators, law firms, legal aid societies, local businesses, and the American Red Cross Society, to name just a few. I realize the importance of an internship as part of our students' overall college education, so I make it a priority to liaise with the professional community in and around New York City on their behalf."

What makes the Mount different from other colleges? Dr. Skelly points to the classroom size and a faculty committed to transforming student dreams into a reality.

"Our campus has an excellent student-to-faculty ratio. My students understand that I am readily available for individual tutoring and assistance. I'm glad to say that the faculty here teach all of our own classes and do not rely on graduate assistants. We are in a position to provide an academic support network that is not readily accessible at a large university."

Dr. Skelly is also well known around campus for being an advisor to student-led efforts, such as the Mount Times and the Political Club.

"My role as an educator is to guide students toward their goals. I challenge them to meet the highest standards; I set the bar high. I then show them how to achieve excellence in their academic studies and in life."