Guest Profile

Dr. Josephine Harris

Modern-day superheroes are not the ones we familiarize with motion pictures, but rather the

quintessential professionals; gifted with a sharp sense of servant leadership, willing to show up greatly;

in the lives of those who need it most. Yielded to this profound ethic; is the multifaceted advocate, Dr.

Josephine Harris.


Dr. Josephine Harris is a military spouse and Mental Health Expert, a Psychotherapist, a Certified

Master Mental Health and Wellness Coach & Advocate, a 4X International Bestselling author and 12X #1

Amazon Bestselling author, Global speaker, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, Regional Vice President

of the HERpernuer Network, and Founder of Calming Minds LLC.


Dr. Harris’ mantra is simple: She is inherently committed to emboldening women, particularly military

spouses; facilitating for them all, an opportunity of hope.